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Custom Colorful Wheelchair Footplates
Custom Colorful Wheelchair Footplates
Custom Colorful Wheelchair Footplates
Custom Colorful Wheelchair Footplates
Custom Colorful Wheelchair Footplates

Custom Colorful Wheelchair Footplates

Reckless Wheelchairs
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I design and make anodized aluminum footplates for wheelchairs. I started with designs for my son's wheelchair and have moved on to creating them for other people. Each plate with start from measurements that you give me so that it will fit your wheelchair. From there we can add a simple patterned design or single shape (eg harts pattern or single large shape), the text of your choice (eg your name, or word goddess) or even a fully custom image and shape (for example, a logo or extra long foot plate). 

Each plate is cut from 0.19" think 5052H32 aluminum sheet. This is thicker then most standard footplates because if you are going to go big you don't want to go home.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Footplates are MADE to ORDER.  The process can take up to 8 to 10 weeks to complete.  The clock starts when I receive all of the measurements and we have agreed upon the final design. 

When you order I will ask you to fill out a measurement sheet and either send me a pattern or text of your choosing or you can send me a description of the shape you want and what color you would like the footplate to be. I will take your measurements and make a CAD model. I will then send you a link to a 3D model you can look at online. We will make as many changes as you like. Once approved, I will cut it in aluminum, anodize it and ship it to you.

Colors: Black, Blue, and Violet (Purple-ish). For other colors contact me before you order.

Production time, once a design is approved, is 1-2 weeks. Approval time will vary based on a number of factors that are usually in your control so please keep that in mind when you order.


Mini Footplates can be up to 18" (450mm) wide and no more than 2.75" (70mm) deep.
Medium Footplates can be up to 12" (305mm) wide and 8" deep (205mm)
Large Footplates are anything else.

Custom footplates:

If your design requires a custom footplate shape, please add more time to get it right. If we have to do a few designs, that is all included in the price but can extend the time.

If you have a custom pattern understand that not all images and patterns translate to being cut into aluminum on a mill. The smallest cutting tool I use it 1/8" (3mm) so if your design is hundreds of small fine lines 1/32" (about 1mm) wide, well it will not look the same when cut with a 1/8" (3mm) cutting tool. So please before you order, contact me, send me the image you want and let's talk. There are always ways around most production limitation.

Link to order form:

Simply if you have any questions or just want to ask what is possible, contact me. I would love to talk to you.