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Out-front TiLite Glide Fork Removal

These is not a lot published on The TiLite Glide Fork made by Out-Front.  Here is a quick guide on how to access the bearings to remove them. This quick guide does not cover the remove or replacement of the bearings themselves just how to access them.

Tools you will need:

  1. Hex Key set
  2. Socket Set
  3. Painters Tools (if needed)
  4. Penetrating Oil (if needed)

Step 1: Remove casters

To access the fork stem nut you will have to remove the casters first.  Using two Hex keys you will remove the caster axle and then remove the caster it self. 

glide fork with caster wheel off

Glide fork with Caster Wheel off

Step 2:  Remove the pivot bolt on the side.

Using 2 hex keys you will loosen the pivot bolt nut and remove the pivot bolt.  Swing the lower half of the Glide Fork away from the frame

Glide fork with finger pointing to pivot bolt

Glide fork with pivot bolt being removed

Removing Glide Fork Pivot Bolt

glide fork with lower fork removed

Glide Fork with Lower Fork Removed

Step 3:  Loosen the Fork Stem nut

Using a socket set loosen and remove the fork stem nut.  The top of the Glide Fork will drop out. 

 Glide Fork Stem Bolt Nut

Glide Fork Stem Bolt Nut

If you run into Trouble

If it does not then the bearings have seized on the fork stem.  Use penetrating oil and let the stem and bearing soak.  Using a stiff Painters tool, gently pry the fork from the frame.  Make sure you do this evenly around the top of the fork. (Please do not do this if you are not 100% comfortable.  This can easily damage your frame)


15 - 1 Painters Tool

15 in 1 Painters Tool