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If you need help with what bearings you may need, use our Wheelchair Bearing Finder Menu to find your wheelchair in the list.  If you don't find your wheelchair or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  


Wheelchair Bearings Basics

wheelchair guide link

Wheelchair Bearings Basics Guide Link 

Wheelchair Beatings and Tools Guide

 Wheelchair Beatings and Tools Guide

Wheelchair Bearings and Tools Guide link

Step By Step Guides:

How to Remove and Replace Wheelchair Fork Bearings

Frog Legs Forks Directions for Replacing Bearings Document

How to Remove a Stripped Wheelchair Screw

Instruction Booklets:

Front Wheelchair Caster Bearing Removal and Replacement Instructions:

Booklet front wheel bearing removal and replace instructions

Rear Wheelchair Wheel Bearing Removal and Replacement Instructions:

Booklet rear wheel bearing removal and replace instructions

How to change front caster wheelchair bearings:

Front Caster Installation Tool Update:


How to change wheelchair rear wheel bearings:


How to assemble our wheelchair bearings removal stand: 


Frequently Asked Questions:

 Why lightly grease all parts inside the shaft?
Various metals will react to each other, the light coating of grease acts as a barrier to prevent this reaction from happening. The grease is not used to make the wheel turn better.  That is the role of the grease inside the bearing, not on the axle or on the hub.
What if the axle will not reinstall?
It is likely that one or both of the bearings are not perpendicular to the caster or hub shaft.  Follow each bearing around its outer diameter, by eye or with your finger.  You are trying to determine if the bearing is off angle to the shaft and axle.  If the bearing is slightly off, find the high side and lightly tap the bearing into place with the hammer and insert tool. You may have to remove and reinstall the bearing.
What if I have more questions?
We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.  Please use our contact us form.
What if I need a tool adapted?
Please contact us using our contact us page, we would love to discuss your particular needs.
What if I do not see a tool that I want?
We love making tools.  Please use the contact us page to discuss your requirements further?