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TiLite Wheelchair Bearings Finder

Permobil makes manual TiLite wheelchairs for adults and children.  They make rigid and folding wheelchairs.  Bearings can be found in the caster wheels, forks and in the rear wheels.  Each section below will cover a bearing location on the wheelchair, any bearing options and any tools you may need. If you are not seeing what you are looking for or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

TiLite makes the following rigid wheelchair models:

  1. TR
  2. TRA
  3. Areo T
  4. ZR
  5. ZRA
  6. Aero Z
  7. TiLite Pilot (Pediatric)
  8. TWIST (Pediatric)

TiLite makes the following folding wheelchair models:

  1. 2GX
  2. Aero X

TiLite Wheelchair Front Caster Bearings

TiLite uses two sizes of bearings in it front casters.  The most common are these casters that use a 3/8" or 9.5mm axle:

  1. TiLite LiteSpeed Aluminum Caste
  2. TiLite LiteSpeed Plastic Caster

    TiLite Bearing Part number: HD100516

    TiLite Front Caster Bearings:

    TiLite Front Caster Toolkit:




    Less common are these caster that uses a 5/16" or 8mm axle. 

    1. TiLite Plastic Wheel w/ Poly Tire Caster
    2. TiLite Light-Up Micro Caster
    3. Older TiLite Branded Front Casters

      TiLite Bearing Part number: HD100012

      TiLite Front Caster Bearings:



      TiLite Front Caster Toolkit:



      TiLite Wheelchair Fork Bearings

      TiLite uses bearings build into the forks.  TiLite makes these fork brands:

        1. TiLite Mono Fork
        2. TiLite Standard Fork
        3. TiLite Slipstream Slide-Sided Fork
        4. Out-Front Glide Suspension Fork
        5. Out-Front Glide Single-Sided Suspension Fork
        6. Frog Leg Suspension Fork (1/2" Stem)

        TiLite Bearing Part number: HD100011

        TiLite Fork Bearings:




        TiLite Fork Toolkit:




        To remove the fork bearings you will also need snap ring pliers. 



        TiLite Wheelchair Rear Wheel Bearings

        TiLite uses the same bearing across their rear wheelchair wheel line expect for X-Core and Golz wheels, contact us if you use those wheels: 

        1. TiLite Shadow Rear Wheel
        2. TiLite TWIST Performance Rear Whee
        3. TiLite Topolino Rear Wheel
        4. Spinergy Wheels All Models

        Sunrise Bearing Part number: HD100011

        TiLite Rear Wheel Bearings:



        TiLite Rear Wheel Toolkit:



        Other Tools

        These are tools that you may want to consider if you are planning to do regular maintenance on your wheelchair.

        Bearings Removal Stand

        This bearing removal stand can be ased at a workbench or like most thing works great at the kitchen table.



        Large Handle Allen Wrench

        Sometimes it is just easier to use a larger handled tool.  This Allen wrench also happens to be a torque wrench as well so you will know exactly how much you overtightened those bolts. 



        Large Handle Tire Removal Tool

        I have never met a tire that loves me, they hate me, this large metal tire removal tools will make love hurt less.




        If you are not seeing what you are looking for or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

        Videos and instructions can be found in our Support Area.