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Freewheel Wheelchair Attachment

- Comes in Three Different Colors

- Can be Attached to different folding and fixed frame wheelchairs

- Can be easily removed when not needed

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Current price $649.99
Size: Black with Air Tire

Delivery time

Ships in 1-2 weeks depending on manufacturers' availability

This attachment is designed to rise your front casters off the ground by adding a very large front wheel.  As a result, your wheelchair can now go over much more uneven and even softer terrain.  It allows you to push comfortably through grass and even do a little off-roading.  The Freewheel comes in a few different colors; Black, Red, and Blue.   

Important Note about wheelchair compatibility:  The Freewheel does not work with all wheelchairs. The Freewheel is compatible with these types of footrests for non-folding chairs. For folding wheelchairs see next note. You need to have a footrest that is no longer than 6.5" deep.  See Freewheel Wheelchair Compatibility List

Important Note:  If you have a compatible folding wheelchair you will also need to purchase the Adapter for Folding Wheelchairs. 

How to Buy a Freewheel Wheelchair Attachment:

  1. Do you have a folding chair, and or a Motion Composites chair? If not go to Step 2.
    1. IF yes you will need to buy a Freewheel Wheelchair Folding Adapter and or A Freewheel Motion Composites Adapter.  If Yes, skip to Step 4.
  2. Determine if you have a compatible footrest, use this chart to determine if you have a compatible footrest
  3. Determine how high off the ground your footrest, you options are as follows
    1. Standard 2" - 4-3/4"
    2. 4-1/2" to 6-1/2"
    3. 5-1/2" to 7-1/2"
    4. 6-1/2" to 8-1/2"
    5. 7-1/2" to 9-1/2"
  4. If you have a standard height footrest or are using an adapter from step 1 pick your color, Black, Red, Blue
  5. If you picked Black determine if you want to have a solid tire
  6. If you have a Tilite and need a TiLite Clamp you can add one to your chair here.

Freewheel Wheelchair Attachment Support Information 

Freewheel Product Support Page


The FreeWheel has a One Year Warranty and a Satisfaction Guarantee. If you do not like your FreeWheel you may return it and receive a refund (excluding shipping/restocking fees).


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