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Frog Legs Fork 1-1/2” Axle Kit

Frog Legs Fork 1-1/2” Axle Kit

Frog Legs Inc
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These Axle-kits are used to lock your wheels in place so that you may have a smooth ride. Please be sure to select the correct one for your chair when ordering. Depending on the option you choose below you will receive all the necessary hardware for that set. Outside to Outside measurement of 1 1/2". Made for a fork with an inside measurement of 1".

*Please note that one axle kit has enough parts for 2 casters.

Kit Includes:


  • 4x Spacers
  • 2x Fork Stem Nuts
  • 4x Washers
  • 2x 1.5” Long Axles with Bolts


Axle Size: 1.5” width

Used on the following wheelchair products with 1.5” wide forks: 

Frog Legs Forks 1.5” wide


Improper removal or installation of bearings can permanently damage casters, rear wheel hubs or caster stems.  Please use caution when using brute force.

Make sure you know the size and types of bearings on your wheelchair and buy the right sizes.