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Frog Shield Caster Bearings Covers for Frog Legs Casters

Frog Shield Caster Bearings Hair Covers for Frog Legs Casters (4-Pack)

Frog Legs Inc
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Frog Shields are precision injected plastic replacements for traditional caster wheel spacers. Frog Shields fit over the wheel bearings to protect them from damage due to debris, water, hair and anything else NASTY. Over time buildup of grit, hair and gunk will chew up and crush your bearings resulting in reduced rolling efficiency. Frog Shields are designed exclusively for Frog Legs brand aluminum caster wheels in sizes from 3" to 6". They will also retro-fit to Frog Legs existing wheels made in prior years. You will love how easy it is to keep your wheels clean. No wiping, no tweezing, no NASTY.

For use with aluminum caster wheels only.