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Kenda Kontester Wheelchair Rugby Tire (Each)

Kenda Kontester Wheelchair Rugby Tire (Each)

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This tire was designed for the demands of Wheelchair Rugby.  

Specially designed for the active, fast-moving athlete with a smooth center tread for faster speed and water siping grooves for wet conditions.

  • Iron Cap (90% more puncture protection)
  • Low Rolling Resistance
  • Great acceleration and cornering characteristic

Dual rubber compounds provide a durable longer life for the tire, while thicker sidewalls and motorcycle type fabric construction gives much greater puncture protection from both sidewall impacts and tread incursions.  Ideal for quad-rugby and other wheelchair sports.

Size: 24 x 1 (25-540),  25 x 1 (25-559), 
Color: Black, Red
PSI: 110