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Tarta Wheelchair Backrest

by Tarta

- Extreme Customization

- Modular Structure

- Soft & Breathable

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Current price $1,214.99
Vertebrae (Height): 4 Vertebrae
Trata Width: Large
Mount: Single Point Fixed Mount Medium

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The Tarta Wheelchair Backrest is a wheelchair backrest that helps you stay comfortable when sitting down. It is flexible and can be customized to fit your needs, and it also helps support your back

Key Features of the Tarta Wheelchair Backrest

  1. Soft & Breathable -To maximize the comfort of the backrest. The spaces between the pads help to keep the back of the user dry. Each pad is made of washable foam with breathable technical material for maximal comfort.
  2. Extreme Customization -To satisfy all the user's needs. Every rib (stave) and every vertebrae can be adjusted to follow scoliosis cases.
  3. Modular Structure - To easily change the length of the backrest! This feature is extremely useful for children.

Why Buy a Tarta Wheelchair Backrest?

  1. It is the first flexible postural backrest capable of adapting to multiple needs.
  2. it is modular structure allows for an endless series of modifications and millimetric adjustments that ensure it adapts perfectly to the user's shape and needs.
  3. It is designed to break down barriers

Who Should Buy a Tarta Wheelchair Backrest?

  1. People with good torso control and balance.
  2. People who need more support.
  3. People who need a backrest that changes with their body

Tarta Wheelchair Backrest Sizing

To determine what you want to order you need to:

Step One: Determine how many vertebrae or height you want.  This determines how high you want your backrest.  Keep in mind that the system is adjustable so each height is a range:

  1. 4 Vertebrae Height Range is 8" - 9"
  2. 5 Vertebrae  Height Range is 10" - 11"
  3. 6 Vertebrae  Height Range is 13" - 14"

Step Two:  Determine how wide you want your Tarta backrest to be.  Important note, most backrest widths are determined by the width of the chair.  Tarta does not work that way you need to know the width of your trunk for the Tarta and the width of your wheelchair for the mount.  In this step we are concerned with your trunk width.

  1. Large Width - Trunk width range of 12" - 14"
  2. Extra Large Width - Trunk width range of 14" - 17"

Tarta Wheelchair Backrest Mounting Hardware

The Tarta Wheelchair Backrest has 4 mounting options.  Each option comes in two widths.  Important note: The width of your wheelchair will determine the with of the mount you want. 

  1. Single Point Fixed Mount - This mount has the least adjustment it will only allow you to change the angle and is good for wheelchairs that have a very low backrest support bar.
    1. Medium fits 12" - 16" Wide Wheelchairs
    2. Extra Large fits 17" - 20" Wide Wheelchairs
  2. Single Point Adjustable Mount - This mount adjustment in two directions, up and down while only a little and the angle of the backrest.  This is a good mounting option for wheelchairs will a high backrest support bar.
    1. Medium fits 12" - 16" Wide Wheelchairs
    2. Extra Large  fits 17" - 20" Wide Wheelchairs 
  3. Single Point Removable Mount with Bar - This mount can be adjusted up and down and at an angle.  The advantage of this mount is if you have a low backrest support bar or if it is too deep to too shallow. 
    1. Medium fits 14" - 15" Wide Wheelchairs
    2. Extra Large fits 16" - 18" Wide Wheelchairs
  4. 2 Point Removable Mount - This has the most adjustments and is the most flexible of all mounting options.  It is the most common one we install at Reckless Wheelchairs.  It gives us the most adjustments and is the lightest.
    1. Medium first a 13" - 15" Wide Wheelchairs
    2. Extra Large fits 16" - 20" Wide Wheelchairs

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Tarta Wheelchair Backrest Support Information

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