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Varilite Meridian Cushion

- Minimum size is 12” x 14”

- Maximum size is 20” x 20”

- Mesh or Incontinence Cover

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Size: 12 x 14
Type: Mesh

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Varilite Meridian Cushion is a cushion that helps you sit in a comfortable way

Why Buy a Varilite Meridian Cushion?

  1. It has a dual-chamber design which creates a pre-ischial ridge for better pressure distribution and prevents the ITs from sliding forward.
  2. It has air and foam floatation which conforms to the users body and distributes their weight evenly.
  3. It comes with positioning supports to improve stability

 How should buy a Varilite Meridian Cushion?

  1. People with motor and neurological dysfunction due to spinal-cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and traumatic brain injury.
  2. Therapists who work with these individuals.
  3. Caregivers of people with these conditions


Front and rear chambers permit independent adjustment of the pelvis and thighs, quickly and easily, while the client is seated. The rear chamber allows maximum immersion of the pelvis for better pressure distribution. The front chamber allows maximum loading of the thighs which reduces pressure on the ITs. The Meridian’s dual-chambered design promotes a neutral pelvis position, especially important for clients prone to extensor tone or thrusting. The thigh and pelvic chambers form a pre-ischial ridge which prevents the ITs from sliding forward, preventing a posterior pelvic tilt and sacral sitting. Releasing more air from the pelvic chamber than the thigh chamber provides added postural support by creating dump or squeeze that “holds” the client in place. Additional pelvic positioning can be obtained by combining a VARILITE Wave positioning base with the Meridian.

Positioning Supports

Positioning supports improve stability, which is important for users with compromised sitting balance or who transfer frequently. Multi-stiffness foam provides support as the user is immersed in the cushion. Medial and lateral supports minimize internal and external lower extremity rotation. Pelvic bucketing and a pre-ischial ridge help maintain pelvic position, and thigh troughs promote a neutral femoral position.

Four-way-stretch Fabric

Meridian foam is bonded to four-way-stretch knit fabric for maximum conformity during immersion. The fabric is puncture and water resistant.

Valve for Adjusting Air Volume

The Meridian uses VARILITE two-way air valves. Sitting on a fully inflated cushion, the user opens the right valve and releases air from the pelvic chamber. Optimal immersion is achieved when there is 1/2 inch (13 mm) of air and foam between the ITs and the wheelchair’s seating surface. Immersing the pelvis while the thigh chamber is fully inflated creates a wedge effect that shifts the load from the ITs to the thighs. The user can decrease the amount of wedge achieved by opening the left valve to release air from the thigh chamber.


The Meridian is available with a mesh or incontinence cover with breathable four-way-stretch material. Reticulated foam inside promotes air exchange and improves pressure distribution. The underside is a rugged nonslip material with hook and loop for added security. Meridian cover meets ISO 7176-16 ignition resistance standards for upholstered wheelchair components. Machine washable.


A modifiable closed-cell foam wedge is available as an accessory with each Meridian.

Support Information: 

Varilite Product Support Page


Varilite warrants its' products for 2 years free of defects in materials and workmanship. Covers for materials and workmanship for 6 months. Does not include wear and tear.



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