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Wera Hex-Plus Metric and SAE Hex Key Set

by Wera
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Why you need these hex keys:

If you are a wheelchair user you need a great set of hex keys.  These are the keys we use in our shop every day. They will last a lifetime.  We use these hex keys because unlike traditional flat hex keys there are Hex-Plus.  That means the hex keys grab the fastener in the corners of the hole, not the sides.  So when we get stripped screws in we can often use the Hex-Plus keys to remove them because the corners are still clean and usable.  Best we have ever used. 

Form Wera:

Wera's Hex-Plus design helps to keep the screw head intact with narrow contact surfaces. Standard hex designs tend to round out the screw head.

Features ballpoint (ball end) on long-arm of L-key to insert the tool quickly into screw and work at an angle in confined spaces

Wera's non-wearing material ensures L-keys stay fixed even after frequent removal

Each L-key is laser engraved with the size of each tool for easy locating

Designed for a long service life and excellent surface protection

Wera's unique vacuum ice-hardened process gives the necessary hardness for industrial applications


Design in German, Make in the Czech Republic


Metric Keys:

Hex Metric: 1.5 x 90mm*
Hex Metric: 2 x 100mm
Hex Metric: 2.5 x 112mm
Hex Metric: 3 x 126mm
Hex Metric: 4 x 140mm
Hex Metric: 5 x 160mm
Hex Metric: 6 x 180mm
Hex Metric: 8 x 200mm
Hex Metric: 10 x 219mm
* Regular hexagon (not Hex-Plus)

SAE (Impartial):

Hex Inch (SAE): 5/64" x 100mm
Hex Inch (SAE): 3/32" x 112mm
Hex Inch (SAE): 1/8" x 126mm
Hex Inch (SAE): 5/32" x 140mm
Hex Inch (SAE): 3/16" x 160mm
Hex Inch (SAE): 7/32" x 180mm
Hex Inch (SAE): 1/4" x 190mm
Hex Inch (SAE): 5/16" x 200mm
Hex Inch (SAE): 3/8" x 212mm

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